( Ch Bertschire Badbad Leroybrown x Ch Blazin's Alluvion Solitaire CD WC CGC)
Born June 2, 2000
Blazin Everlasting Escapade "Tripper"
(Pink, Female)
Blazin Elijah's Chariot "Blaze"
(Blue, Male)
Blazin Evans Family "Sombra"
(Green, Male)
Blazin's Evening Star "Cricket"
(Red, Female)
Blazin's Enchanted Forest "Piper"
(Orange, Female)
Blazin's Eternal Flame "Prue"
(Yellow, Female)

Photo Gallery
Photos By Close Encounters Of The Furry Kinds
The Gang Tripper & Blaze Piper & Prue
Piper Blaze Cricket
Tripper Cricket & Sombra 1/2 The Gang
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** Days of Age **
Fifty-three Fourty-six
Thirty-seven Thirty
Twenty-three Sixteen
Nine One

Martin J. Archambeault & Dawn M. Buttion
Mt. Airy, Maryland

Dawn Marty