The Last Shots
Some of the KLitter have started their new lives with their new owners. Others will be leaving soon.
Looking forward to getting photos of the puppies in their new homes.

Gabby (#1) - Blazin's Kwintessential Delight
The Tien Family
Gooey (#2) - Blazin's Krazy Glue

Kaje (#3) - Blazin's Keeping Memories Alive
The Ormiston Family
Katie (#4) - Blazin's Kiss Me Kate
Judy Riedel

Jack (#5) - Blazin's Karibbean Black Sparrow
Cheryl Wildeman, Tina Stewart & Blazin
Kip (#6) - Blazin's Keep The Faith
Marla Stoner

Keira (#7) - Blazin's Keira of Avalon
Shari Faina & Jim Kurdziel
Boo (#8) - Blazin's Kasper The Inky Ghost
The Hess Family